A Look at the History of the Seaside Premier Hotel

seaside-premier-hotelThose who wish to understand more about the hotel can read some of its history and past events, which ultimately lead to the Seaside Premier Hotel becoming the popular accommodation choice that it is today.

Initially established as a small-time seaside clock repair shop during the late 1950s’, the hotel was owned by a family who had a longstanding history in clock repairs. The father was the one who bought the first two floors of the building which now constitutes the hotel, and he never would have thought that in the end, he and his family would ultimately also buy the entire building.

Time passed and since the clock repair business was working exceptionally well, it enabled the family to raise enough money in order to obtain a considerable loan, which would allow them to buy the rest of the 8 floors that the building had. The plan for offering accommodation was the main idea behind this approach and in the end; the hotel owners have found that the hotel business was also profitable.

Numerous repairs and renovations were done to the old building and in just a few years, the family made so much money from the hotel services, that they were able to repay the loan amount and start making profits.

The fact that it has humble beginnings makes this hotel very close to its customers and the owners never forget from where it all started. In order to express their gratitude towards all the factors that helped them develop their hotel business, they have decided to create the most prestigious hotel experience one can have. To this end, they have personally selected each of the 50 staff members that operate at the hotel and trained them in order to ensure that they would exude only confidence and respect toward the hotel clients.