Become a Member of the Exquisite Club

seaside-premier-hotel-provides-a-dedicated-clubFor customers who wish only the best in terms of rendered accommodation and concierge services, the Seaside Premier Hotel provides a dedicated club to which such persons can adhere.

Adequately named the Exquisite Club, it hails its name from the fact that all the services and offers that one might expect to experience in it are of top quality and were made to exceed the customers’ expectations. In order to achieve this, the owners of the hotel have created a special division of 10 members from their staff of 50 members, who were given the task of continuously providing only the best services for those registered at the club.

Beside the standard services such as free car maintenance, extensive booking periods and traditional cuisine offered as a complimentary gift from the hotel owners, the members of the Exquisite Club will benefit from the constant care and attention provided by the special staff members.

In other words, they will be “pampered” and cared for with respect to all of the hotel’s facilities, be it simple features such as the luggage carrying or more delicate matters like personalized massage therapy and banking operations.

In order to become a member of the Exquisite Club at the Seaside Premier Hotel, one needs to make an initial deposit when registering at the front desk and upon receipt of the funds, the membership status will be activated. Together with that status, each member will receive an “all-pass” card, which will grant access to all of the hotel’s facilities, such as the restaurant and a number for a personal assistant which will be available at any time of the day.

Unfortunately, online registration isn’t possible for the Exquisite Club, but if one prefers a distant arrangement, they can contact the front desk and determine the exact details of their membership. In the end, a compromising solution will be attained and the staff of the hotel will ensure that all customers will benefit from a swift and straightforward registration process.