Distinguished Laundry and Ironing Services

distinguished-laundry-and-ironing-servicesAnother feature that makes the Seaside Premier Hotel stand out among other similar hotels is the fact that it offers impressive laundry and ironing services. It features a completely unique laundry policy which is sure to amaze clients who have been accustomed to standard hotel services.

For starters, the Seaside Premier Hotel’s laundry service is based on a specialized staff that washes all garment items individually, this way ensuring that each customer is happy with the results and that no item is damaged or altered during the process. This care can go as far as washing the individual garment items by hand, regardless of their quantity and variety. The laundry department staff is willing to go all the way in order to offer only the most prestigious services to the hotel’s clients, no matter what it takes.

Another fact that makes the laundry services at the Seaside Premier Hotel outstanding is the promptitude and responsiveness with which they are offered. The staff is ready to take any request regardless of the time, being available on all hours since they are well aware that incidents can happen with the customers’ clothes, and those same customers need to be in tip-top shape for a meeting or event and have only hours available, then a quick and speedy laundry service is key.

To attest to the laundry services staff’s reputation, there is no stain too strong or large for it to be removed and in the entire history of the hotel, there hasn’t been a single instance when the staff was unable to clean a piece of garment.

The ironing services that complement the laundry service are also some of the best, because of the highly skilled trained staff members who have had literally thousands of garment items processed so far and have an acquired technique when it comes to ironing.