How to Inspect Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs & Insects

Bed bugs are a big, menace in the house. You can do pest control and all kinds of other remedial works, but they are hard to get rid of. They are little vampires who will suck your blood when you are sleeping. Even if you clean your house daily with a vacuum cleaner, you will not be able to get rid of them. They prey on you while injecting an anaesthetic and you will feel nothing. The open wound that they leave behind can develop into rashes and become an allergic reaction.

shutterstock_498448468Check for insects in a hotel room

When you are out on a holiday, staying in a hotel becomes a compulsion. You should always check for the presence of insects and bed bugs before checking in. Insects and bees in the room can make your life really difficult while on holiday. So, what is the way to check for their presence? The first thing to do is to inspect the mattress by removing the sheets and checking all the corners. Then you should check for the luggage vault where most of the pests are living in dormancy. Remember to check the dark corners in the bathroom for cockroaches as well.

A more through checking of the room

Even after the basic checking, some areas are left where the bugs can hide. After checking the mattress also check the head portion of the bed that generally has some fabric, the resting place of most bed bugs. Then check the furniture for the presence of insects and bugs and also the paintings, which adorn the walls. Always pay attention to joints and seams, and notify the hotel front desk if you find any bugs. Never shift in the room next door, as it will be bugged, too. Inspect the newly allocated room also before settling.