The Hotel Facilities

the-hotel-facilitiesAs it stands now, the 10 floor building which constitutes the hotel will provide clients with some of the most luxurious and accurate accommodation services.

Starting with the marble-floor front desk at the base level of the hotel and ending with the panoramic restaurant located just above the penthouse, the Seaside Premier Hotel has them all, even for customers with the most demanding of preferences.

Featuring a two-sided reception in order to ensure prompt and responsive client feedback, the base level of the hotel houses an impressive lounge, with custom built furniture and surprises at each corner. Marble covered pillars make the union between the mirror ceiling and the marble covered floor of the lounge and as if this wasn’t enough in terms of material exuberance, the furniture is constructed entirely out of mahogany, in order to make the customers aware that the hotel owners are willing to go as far as possible in order to offer only the best for every single client.

On each floor, people will find 10 rooms out of which 4 are of double and 6 are of single capacity respectively. The default bed configuration implies a king size bed for the single rooms and twin beds for the doubles, but this can be adjusted as per the specific customer requirements. People must note however, that only up to 3 beds can be fitted inside the double room and 2 inside the single room, with the remark that the additional beds come in standard size.

On the last floor, one will find the beautiful penthouse of the Seaside Premier Hotel, which stretches over the entire surface area of one floor. This fact makes it the ideal choice for those who relish open spaces and need room for their relaxation. Featuring two Jacuzzis, one on the suspended terrace and one in the main bathroom, the penthouse also comes with an additional lavatory and sauna.