The Party and Wedding Offers

the-party-and-wedding-offersAside from the main accommodation services provided by the Seaside Premier Hotel, people will also be able to organize parties and weddings in the hotel building. For this particular purpose, the top level restaurant was furnished with all the features that are required for hosting parties or weddings.

Offering a “convertible” layout, the restaurant hall can practically change its “appearance” in accordance with the event. By using an intricate system of concealed rails, the walls and sections of the restaurant can be shifted on demand, this way turning the hall from a business meeting party which emphasizes serious and classy looks, into a lively and pompous wedding atmosphere.

It all depends on the individual requirements of the clients who wish to reserve the restaurant for a particular event. The booking procedures can be carried out in the same manner as with a regular room, and for this type of reservation in particular, the chef and kitchen staff can also be called into the discussion with the client, in order to determine the preferred cuisine aspects.

With a capacity of 300 persons, extendable to 350 in case the circumstances require, the restaurant of the Seaside Premier Hotel can assimilate its party guests in numerous configurations. Be it a “U” shaped conference layout, for business meetings, or an “O” shaped table configuration for more festive events, there are many possibilities and those who wish to book the restaurant for a specific event can also bring their own table layout, which can be implemented on demand.

Thanks to the stylish ambiance and atmosphere offered, the restaurant hall has been the host of numerous official parties since its implementation in the early years of the hotel. Numerous celebrities have attended the restaurant at different events and even the city’s mayor is among those who frequent the establishment.