The Penthouse and its Features

the-penthouse-and-its-featuresOn this page, the owners of the hotel wanted to take their time in providing a full description of the penthouse, with ample details and some photographs to assist the main image.

Located at the last floor and stretching over the entire floor surface, which measures 400 square meters, the penthouse practically offers a myriad of possibilities for those who care about their space and wish to have plenty of room for maneuver. Since the hotel owners are aware that at the core concept of relaxation and peacefulness reside open spaces, they have implemented this concept in the design of the penthouse.

All the walls and support struts that hold the penthouse together have been designed to inspire vast liberty and open spaces, therefore the protruding elements were made as thin as possible and from the strongest materials available.

Featuring one large bedroom with an extra-large bed and accompanying bedside drawers with golden lamps each, the penthouse also includes two desk rooms, a lounge and two separate bathrooms, each with its own Jacuzzi.

All the provided windows are of full length, from the ceiling to the floor and they feature a unique set of curtains that whose texture can be changed using a remote control. The transparency of the windows is also adjustable, allowing the customers to adjust their inner ambient for various scenarios. For instance, when the weather is kind and the sun is shining too bright, they can simply increase the opacity and attain the preferred luminosity levels in the rooms.

Presenting users with a flat-screen TV set in each of the different rooms, the penthouse also provides a small gym, which can be easily opened by pulling a lever that collapses a panel with specific gear such as a bench for presses, different weights and even a small treadmill.